3D Architectural Modeling —Technology Changes and Changes for Better

3D modeling in architecture is used to communicate design ideas or just to study different aspects of an architectural design for residential or commercial properties. With the advent of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, the world of Architectural designing has changed upside down.

3D modeling has not just changed the way the design and drafts of architectural ideas are represented, but it has also taught the world about how an architectural design should be presented in a realistic way.

In this age of technology, the physical design production by architects using pencils over cardboard to provide clients with a life-like representation of their design concept seems a farfetched proposition.Using various CAD platforms, a designer becomes a 3D model creator and provides the clients with realistic designs in three dimensions that let them see every aspect of their design concept in high-res detail.


Axiscorner, your ultimate 3D modeler!

The advantages that 3D modeling is no hidden secret. We all know it offers far more efficient, accurate, and realistic design than the conventional architectural methods. Our long association with 3D architectural design rendering has enabled us to understand the key benefits of 3D architectural models.

Axiscorner is 3D model maker that lets the clients have a much more thorough perspective of the design. It also helps the clients contribute with their valuable inputs before the actual 3D modeling process becomes complete, all the features become permanent.

Talking about the services we offer, we have what you want and much more than that. Our services include 3D modeling, 3D model repair, rapid prototyping and testing, industrial 3D modeling, 3D furniture models, digital sculpting and full color texturing, and so on. You just name it and we have it here at Axiscorner.


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•    CAD Modelling

We Understand Your Need, and We Know How to Fulfil Them

Our talented and experienced team of designers not just deliver what your expect from us, but it lets you understand your needs better by presenting a thorough and contemporary view of all the aspects of 3D modeling. And, what more, everything is done within your budget, and within your time frame.  Collaborating with us means getting our support anytime, anywhere.

It is time think beyond the traditional pen and paper way of production design. Associate with a new age 3D modelerbecause waiting is wasting time. Get your free quote now!



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